Procedures and Working Practices

It is our aim to achieve minimal disruption to your home and normal routine. We have therefore outlined in more detail our works procedures and working practices for your installation. It is hoped this will answer most of the commonly asked questions and the terminology of our contract. (Conditions of Sale are on the reverse of your Order Form.)

Once your order is placed we need to carry out our own final survey. This is to determine final manufacturing sizes of units ordered, type of finish to property, ie  pebble-dash, face brick, etc., additional mouldings or remedial works that may be required.

We will also take a general look at and make our own report on the general condition of fixtures and fittings, i.e. Baths, Sinks, Carpets, Garden Furniture, etc, which could during fitting be termed damaged by fitters.


We also take a general look at the fabric finish of your property to determine loose or dead plaster/render finish, damp areas, broken tiles, etc.

Should anything be found, we would ask you to sign a disclaimer against the company. This protects our reputation and workforce.

It must be stated that our term SURVEY is to determine sizes of unit and feasibility of the installation (it is not a structural survey of the property).  Should load bearing calculations be required for any reason, fees are chargeable by qualified structural engineers’ prevailing rates.

During the course of our own survey it may mean cutting into plaster and render finish, removing cover mouldings and architraves to determine frame sizes and slight damage may occur. We do not make good at this stage.

Secondary Glazing must be removed in bay window situations for final measurements (unless stated on contract).  We do not normally elect to refit secondary units on a temporary basis.

Our measurements are taken both inside and outside of the property.

Any changes to order detail will be noted and confirmed. Telephone, faxed or emailed instructions are termed mutual and must be confirmed in writing to us at our office address.

About Your Installation

It is our aim to respect your property and to keep any disruption to a minimum. To achieve this there are certain things we would recommend you do:

Inside your property

Remove ornaments, plants, televisions, furniture and any other items as far 
Cover or remove furniture and bedding as dust can get everywhere.
Please do not leave any valuables lying around, which could lead to a nasty situation.  We trust our staff, but on any reports of missing items we would simply call the Police to act. If there are no Situations – there are no Problems.
Please think of other areas that may have to be passed during installation. Inform your neighbours/neighbourhood watch that works will be carried out.
Keep pets away. Window removal can entertain broken glass, wood splinters, unfamiliar tools and equipment lying around, plus noise.  Please protect your pets.
If you are planning to redecorate a room after installation, it is advisable to remove wall coverings around the window area prior to installation. Any loose plaster behind this can then be made good and a good seal achieved to the window frame. 

Outside your property

Remove garden furniture and ornaments away from fitting area.
Protect or remove specimen plants, cut back shrubs and bushes where applicable. Remove glass/plastic panels on porches and conservatories (to be discussed at  Survey).
Try not to hang washing out on installation day (also advise neighbours).
Keep vehicles away from fitting areas.
Protect other surfaces from possible damage, i.e. falling debris.


It is not our aim to increase the cost of installation but any remedial works/materials can be supplied and installed at a nominal charge. We will liaise with you before works commence.

Please Help Us to Help You

Once your order is manufactured we will contact you to arrange a mutual fitting date.

The installers are fully employed by the company and are of the highest calibre, thoroughly trustworthy and work on their own initiative. The installers normally start work at 08.00, but obviously traffic delays may occur, finishing about 17.00 depending on the time of year, weather conditions and mutual arrangements with them.  We normally only work Monday to Friday. Weekend installations are discouraged.  This also alleviates problems normally associated with out of hours working.

Installers and company representatives are instructed not to smoke on your premises and we, the Company, will not be responsible for any situations occurring should your permission be given for smoking.

Our installers are given a good supply of dustsheets that must be used. Please inform them if you do not think adequate protection is being given (IF NOT PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE).

What we will do

It is our aim to carry out your installation with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience in a clean and tidy manner.

Our fitters will liaise on a plan of installation.
Lay dust sheets to the nominated rooms and access areas.
Assist in the moving of heavy furniture if required.
Check units against survey size and re-check opening sizes before removing any frame.
Remove items in a professional manner – taking care to make as little damage as possible.
Install new item in line with company procedure (we normally install on an upright and level basis). 
Visual, sight lines, frame dimensions, variants due to irregular brickwork and plaster lines cannot be determined. (Customer request for refitting in these circumstances is subject to a negotiable charge).
Seal and make good the immediate fitting area. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows will only be removed in non-load bearing/structural applications. Arrow support props are always used as a safeguard against drop. It is quite common in older properties for cracks to appear in lime/mortar walls and ceilings as bay is removed which will cosmetically be made good.

In general, bay head sections are normally in good condition and are retained and masked (unless stated on order form).  This prevents undue damage/making good to the tops of the Bay’s interior/exterior finish.  In tile hung situations this allows opening sections of windows to operate without fouling. During such installations tiles are prone to fall off/crack due to age (we will refit if replacements are available if caused by us).  No colour match/type can be guaranteed.

Lead flashings below bay sills are not part of the installation but can be changed if specified (if same is found to be in poor condition during installation, customer to be advised/decide to obtain replacement lead).  Chargeable at cost.

Fascia boards above the bay is not termed part of the installation and will only be replaced if specified on the order form. This is the area that is most open to interpretation as to what will be done to make good to fitting areas.


[To the room side]
We will plaster finish, acrylic or silicone seal. The head and jams of the window/door where the windows butts to the internal board. We will acrylic, silicone seal or fit cover mouldings. It is advisable to determine what finish you would like (on bay windows and some circumstances Architraves and mouldings are fitting to both heads and reveals).

Mouldings other than PVC-u are primed and undercoated in white.

Ceramic tiles fitted to adjoin windows and doors are very prone to cracking as existing frames are removed. We do not l elect to replace broken tiles; normally if matching spares are available we can normally refit or cover area with PVC-u mouldings.

We do not unless by prior arrangement in writing re-wallpaper, gloss paint, finish emulsion reveals, plaster finish past fitting areas.

We will clean glass and check units (labels are normally left on units as a secondary guarantee for you which can normally be retained as they state information on that piece of glass which may be of use at a later date). Please specify if you want our fitters to remove labels (although they may not remain intact).

Generally clean and vacuum the fitting area and remove/dispose of debris (if stated on order).

We must emphasise that we do not refit curtain tracks or pelmets unless clearly stated on order form. Provision by means of self-tapping screens can be fitted for net curtain wires (no extra charge). 

Outside Area

Windows to be sealed with appropriate silicone on face brickwork. It is not our policy to replace damaged or soiled bricks unless stated.

We will re-pebble or render to the immediate fitting area with a close match finish (due to possible fading over the years certain pebble finishes tend to show up more than others due to mortar mixes). It is not our policy to paint any render finish to outside areas (unless stated on order, customer to supply paints/stains as the colour match cannot be guaranteed).

Exterior trims and mouldings will generally be white PVC-u to nearest colour match unless otherwise stated.

All additional Architraves/Mouldings works etc. are chargeable.


We would normally elect to clad over with air board existing soffits boards unless specified to be removed.

On some properties Soffits boards were originally made from asbestos based materials and we would normally leave these intact and elect to clad over. 
Should these be required to be removed special licensed contractors will be engaged to remove and dispose of the materials; this will be chargeable and notified on your contract with us.

After Your Installation

Please check with your installer each fitting area and finished product.
Discuss and rectify any item you may find. If in doubt please phone our office.
Please hand final payment as detailed on our invoice and retain copy as receipt.
Please be careful over the next few weeks as it may be possible small fragments of glass or debris may be hidden in plants and shrubs etc. Every effort is made to avoid this situation.
Our guarantee is covered under clause of contract under Conditions of Sale.

On completion we will register your installation with FENSA for current building regulation compliance. Your Insurance backed guarantee documentation will be sent to you direct with your Fensa certificate direct from Fensa / GGF. It is the customers responsibility to retain these documents: They would be required by your solicitor should you decide to sell your property. Cristal are not able to issue duplicates, all enquiries of this nature must be referred to FENSA.

We trust you will be delighted with your new products and installation. If you are, please tell others by our personal recommendation scheme.

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